The Project

S³martMed is a new initiative co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union, promoting a European Strategic Cluster Partnership to identify the key future investments priorities and joint activities for the emergence of interregional business collaborations in the Medical Technologies sector.

The purpose of the starting initiative is to foster interregional and cross-sectoral cooperation between European clusters and their SME members in the field of medical technologies through the establishment of a unique cluster partnership. Through its action, the project will participate to the implementation of the Smart Specialisation (S3) policies with their Regions increasing the participation of industries, supporting the identification of priorities of investments related to the Medtech sector and contributing to the elaboration of future interregional funding schemes, in coherence with the current discussions with the S3 Medtech Platform.

The partnership will offer cooperation opportunities thanks to the organization of B2B and C2C networking at interregional level, involving SMEs, Technological centres and key stakeholders from the partners’ regions and beyond. All the networking activities will be opened and shared with all the regions, clusters and their SMEs, involved with the S3 Medtech Platform.

As a second step, once the interregional collaborations will emerge and be identified between stakeholders, the S³martMed will support these business collaborations in their maturation until the definition of investments/funding scenarios together with regional authorities. The identification of common territorial/cluster development strategies and the attempt to align practices (e.g. evaluation criteria and methodologies, schedule of publication of financing calls, etc) will be the “glue” that will make possible multiregional initiatives. Once again in this phase, regions and clusters will be invited to share their experiences and contribute to the work.